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Polystyrene Screw Compactors

Polystyrene waste is a by-product of many business processes and it has a value. Typically, polystyrene takes up large amounts of space, presents a fire risk & inflates the costs of waste management & landfill by adding volume but not weight to any waste loads that are taken away.

Screw Compactors have the following advantages:

Money – polystyrene is normally a massive cost to businesses but it can be a saleable commodity. Screw compactors can reduce landfill costs by 60%, preventing businesses from sending skips full of ‘fresh air’ to the tip & they can enable businesses to sell on their polystyrene in a way that is easily transported and that can earn significant rebates

Safety – polystyrene is a highly flammable material & can cause problems for businesses including an insurance risk. Compacting it enables it to be stored more effectively & to pose less of a fire risk

Space – polystyrene is built to protect materials and, because of this, does not have a great deal of density. Polystyrene can take up huge amounts of space both in the yards of businesses & in skips. Screw compactors can reduce polystyrene by a ratio of 50:1

What Makes Us Different?

  • We offer different options for hire or purchase of machinery including sale, rental, financing and offsetting machinery costs against recycling rebates
  • We offer a free waste assessment
  • We will help you to calculate whether machinery is commercially viable – as a recycling company, we can provide greater objectivity over machinery purchases than manufacturers, distributors or sales agents
  • We provide a full waste-management service which means that we will provide you with an objective overview of the machinery that will best suit your business
  • We provide comprehensive training on the machinery
  • We provide health and safety certification
  • We provide servicing plans
  • We can offset machinery costs against your rebates

Screw compactors can increase landfill costs by over 60%, generate revenue for customers with large volumes of polystyrene. Polystyrene requires less space, becomes less of a fire hazard & is more profitable to businesses who want to sell it on for recycling.

Common Customer Objectives

Our customers have decided to use us because they want to:

  • Reduce their landfill costs and identify profitable waste streams
  • Reduce the number of skips they are using
  • Condensing waste to gain higher rebates
  • Reduce transportation costs for waste to ensure higher rebates
  • Increase rebates
  • Improve profitability through the use of machinery
  • Get a joined-up service between machinery and waste management services

How Can We Add Value?

Entire Recycling are able to offer value to the vast majority of businesses, especially where they would like to determine and maximise the benefits of using machinery.

We offer value through:

  • Providing a free waste assessment where we are able to evaluate waste streams and determine the most cost-effective machinery to maximise profits
  • Providing advice on the presentation of waste in order to maximise rebates
  • Helping the customer to decide whether the installation of machinery is comercially viable – as recycling specialists rather than machinery distributors we are able to offer a more objective opinion on any machinery you mach choose to install
  • Running a cost/benefit analysis on the implementation of machinery to save time & maximise returns
  • Understanding how our customers work and the pressures on their business
  • Tailoring a solution to their needs (maximising returns, minimising staff costs, maximising throughput, improving cashflow)
  • Finding a market for waste streams that may have been overlooked
  • Offering to provide one month’s use of machinery free of charge to help the client to see how profitable an installed solution can be in practice

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to maximise returns, I need a baler. Can you help?

Yes. We offer a range of balers to suit all budgets and can supply, sell or rent them to you. Please see our machinery section for more details

Our space on-site is limited. What can you do?

There are a number of ways that we can help but these will be determined by your needs. On the one hand, we can install balers & compacting skips &, on the other hand, we can arrange for regular collections. There are a range of options but all of these will depend on your situation & what you want to achieve.

Give us a call on 0116 286 7174 & we’ll discuss your options

What To Do Next

We are most helpful to clients when we can arrange to come and undertake a waste assessment. As a first step, however, you may prefer to call us to discuss your options and to get an idea of whether we will be a good fit for you.

In order for you to see whether you’re getting the best return for your cardboard recycling, call us on 0116 286 7174

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