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Cardboard Packaging Manufacturer

The Situation

Entire Recycling began a conversation with a box manufacturing company that were very happy with their waste collection and felt that their current provider was giving them the service they expected. They had worked with their existing provider for 20 years.

Happy to entertain the prospect of gaining a greater rebate, the client asked Entire Recycling to undertake an assessment of their waste & make recommendations.

The Client's Objectives

The client’s objective was to ensure that they were getting a good rebate from their existing recycling company and that they were getting the right advice. With stiff international competition, the costs of partnering with the wrong suppliers that didn’t have their best interests at heart was losing business and going out of business.

Our Solution

Our waste assessment pointed out a number of shortcomings that showed the current recycling company were not giving them the attention they deserved.

One observation was that the pallet wrap was being thrown in with general waste and was landfilled, costing the company money.

Open-topped skips were being used meaning less weight and more collections.

By suggesting separating the waste and bailing the pallet wrap, the client was able to turn a cost into a revenue stream.

Furthermore the baler & compactor skip meant that the company didn’t need to have their bins emptied three times a week but that compacted waste could be taken once a month. This meant that transport and landfill costs were reduced by 90%.

Measures for Success

The client’s most important measure for success was trust. They wanted to partner with a company that would be proactive, would understand their business and help them in their quest to compete internationally. By neglecting to assess their waste, the old recycling company were affecting their margins. Thereafter, the solution provided needed to provide them with a better rebate and to maximise the availability of their yard for loading and unloading purposes.

Our Work

Entire Recycling were able to put in a baler within a week and proved the principle with the client on a two month trial. This speed was important to the client as they didn’t want to miss out on a revenue stream that was costing them money.

We installed a full compactor skip meaning that pallet wrap could be compacted, meaning more weight, fewer collections and a greater rebate for the customer.

The client was very happy with the temporary solution and invited Entire Recycling to bid for the full recycling contract and to provide a tailored solution.

The Value to the Customer

Entire recycling provided value to the customer in a number of ways:

  • The pallet wrap waste that was being landfilled was now being recycled, generating the company an extra £16k per annum
  • Waste transport costs were cut by 90%
  • The company had a tidier yard, ensuring that they complied with their ISO 9001 standards & that they complied with the terms of their insurance
  • The company were able to make better use of their yard for the transport of their own products saving packing & shipping times & costs
  • Although the company recycled 400 tonnes per annum with their previous provider, tonnages are 600 per year with Entire recycling who supplied weighbridge tickets to the customer in order to build trust

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A. K. - Managing Director