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Logistics Company Fulfilment House

The Situation

A mailing house for a busy International logistics company felt that they were being charged more by their own internal recycling services company than they would be in the open market. Furthermore, their staff were being tied in knots by having to separate waste streams and they were only being offered a rebate on one of their waste streams, paper whereas the other streams were being charged.

The Client's Objectives

The client wanted the following:

  • A waste assessment from an expert to identify cost savings
  • To identify efficiency savings that would save staff time
  • Determine if there was value in their other waste streams

Our Solution

On viewing the mailing house, we identified a number of different types of waste that would produce a rebate for the customer, including folders, bindings, pens, CDs & clingfilm wrap.

Entire Recycling  proposed a novel solution to the time-consuming process of segregating waste streams: don’t do it. The client was tying themselves in knots sorting different types of waste because of the layout of & space within their mailing house. Entire Recycling offered to take all waste and to segregate it at our own site. In return, we offered a rebate per ton for all of their different waste streams.

Their Measures for Success

The objectives for the company were:

  • To cut staff costs
  • To maximise their rebate
  • To find markets for their other waste streams

Our Work

The work that Entire Recycling proposed was very simple & was able to be implemented immediately. Waste materials were collected centrally and sent away for us to sort, simple. This meant that the client was making money on all of their waste streams from the moment they’d made the agreement with us.

The Value to the Customer

The value to the customer was significant:

  • Recycling went from costing the company £26,880 per annum to generating them a rebate of over £45k per annum
  • Staff time was saved in that waste streams didn’t have to be separated
  • An improved level of service – the company can call Entire Recycling & have its waste collected within 48 hours
  • Entire Recycling now take all of the company’s waste streams – cardboard, plastic film, hard plastics, CDs on a mixed load meaning that dealing with waste is easier from the client’s point of view & rebates are maximised due to Entire being able to take full loads & minimise transportation costs

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