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Paper & Cardboard Recycling Prices January 2015

The prices detailed are ex works, (usually baled) & are in pounds per tonne. These prices are not guaranteed and are meant to be an indicator of market prices. They are compiled by

This is the January  report which details prices up to January 2015.

UK Domestic Mill Prices

Mixed Papers: 35 – 50

Price fell from January to August. They picked up slightly in September but then dipped into October. The prices narrowed in November, with the highest prices falling and the lowest prices rising. Prices fell slightly in January.

Old KLS (cardboard): 57 – 70

Prices fell from January till June and have risen slightly in July. They stayed stable in August,. They rose slightly in September.

They have fallen since September.

News and pams: 69-79

Prices have dropped from January except for slight rises in June and August. They have fallen steadily since September.

Over/issue news: 77 – 85

Prices dropped from January to March and then rose until June to drop again in July and stayed the same in August and September.

They have fallen since October.

Sorted office waste: 131-136

Prices rose from January to October. They remained stable until January 2015, when they rose.

Coloured best pams: 127 – 132

Prices have risen since January 2014.

Multigrade: 125-129

Prices have risen constantly since January 2014.

Light letter: 135-140

Prices rose from January to July and have stayed stable since.

White letter: 165-175

Prices rose from January to July and have stayed stable since.

Export Prices

Mixed Papers: 35-50

Prices have fallen from January 2014 with a rise between July and September and have fallen since October.

Old KLS (cardboard): 57 – 70

Prices fell from January till June and have risen slightly between July and September. They have fallen since September.

News and pams: 69 – 79

Prices have dropped from January but were slightly higher in May and June. They fell in July and August, rose in September but have been falling since.

Multigrade: 125-129

Prices rose from January to October. Prices have fallen since November.

Light Letter: 135 – 140

White letter: 165 – 175

Prices rose between January and July. They remained stable until October. They fell up to December but rose in January.

Merchant Prices

Mixed Papers: 0 – 10

Prices stayed pretty stable up to September but fell in October and November. They remained stable in December and January.

Old KLS (cardboard): 15-25

Prices fell from January till July except for a slight rise in June. They have remained stable up till November. The rose slightly in November, then remained stable until January, when they rose slightly.

News and pams: 20-30

Prices stayed fairly stable during 2014 before falling in January.

Mixed coloured office waste: 35-47

Prices stayed quite stable from January to July. They rose from July to August and have remained until November. They rose slightly in November. They have remained stable since.

White office paper: 40-52

Prices rose in February and March. They  have stayed stable until August, when the rose slightly. The have remained stable since.

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