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Plastics Recycling for Leicester Injection Moulding...

The Situation

A Leicestershire Injection Moulding company asked Entire Recycling to perform a waste assessment. The company were happy with their current arrangement where a large waste management company was collecting their waste and someone was offering to take their plastic waste away free of charge.

The company was paying £4k per annum in waste collection charges and wasn’t earning anything from the cardboard & plastic waste they were recycling.

Entire Recycling pointed out that the client’s best interests weren’t being served because:

  • The incumbent waste management company were not advising them to compact waste meaning that bins were being emptied with just a few cardboard boxes in them
  • The waste management company were not advising them which items did not need to be landfilled and which gained value – the waste management company were either landfilling valuable waste or taking it & sorting it at their own plant in order to gain a greater profit
  • Although they thought that someone taking their waste away free of charge was good, it was, in effect, costing them thousands of pounds per year in lost revenue

The company had a number of high-profile clients, may of whom were building relationships with suppliers with better green credentials.

The Client’s Objectives

The client’s objectives were:

  • To seek advice from a third party
  • To determine whether they could be gaining extra value
  • To improve their ISO 14001 credentials

Our Solution

Entire Recycling did the following:

  • Performed a free of charge waste assessment
  • Installed a baler to help the company recycle cardboard & plastic waste and provided training & certification
  • Provided stillages free of charge to enable the company to segregate different kinds of plastic
  • Provided recommendations as to where to place different stillages around the factory in order to minimise staff time
  • Provided a recycling framework that offered significant rebates for different waste streams
  • Offered a waste management service for the remaining waste in order to minimise the company’s landfill costs

Their Measures for Success

The client was able to accurately see the difference to the business by:

  • Viewing Entire Recycling’s monthly weighbridge reports
  • Comparing their waste collection fees to Entire Recycling’s
  • Seeing rebate revenue in their accounts


All of Entire Recycling’s machinery & processes were installed & implemented within 2 weeks. Entire Recycling arranged for a baler to be installed within a week so that the company could begin baling and minimise the waste going to their incumbent waste management company.

Entire Recycling helped the company to move away from their incumbent waste management company by the end of the month.

The Value to the Customer

Entire recycling provided value to the customer in a number of ways:

  • £5,480 per annum in rebates from plastic & cardboard
  • Saving of £1,928 on waste management costs (a reduction from £4,050+VAT per annum to £2,122+VAT per annum)
  • Improved the company’s recycling profile which made them more attractive to clients
  • Improved recycling profile for the company’s ISO accreditations, particularly the ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation
  • Helped the staff with the implementation of the new systems to get their buy-in and to ensure that the maximum amount of waste was being recycling

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