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Redundant Film Purchase

The Situation

An international vegetable packaging company approached Entire Recycling with a problem: A relationship with a customer had ended and they had 16 tonnes of redundant stock that they had purchased and was now useless.

The company was conscious that there was a value in this plastic stock and their current waste management provider was offering them a poor rate for it as they were not a specialist plastics recycler & didn’t have access to mature markets for plastic.

The company wanted to see if they could monetise the LDPE film that they had ready-printed and, if this worked, they were interested in using Entire to monetise all of the different types of film they produced.

The Client's Objectives

The client’s objectives were:

  • They wanted to get the best rates for their redundant plastic
  • They were keen to free up warehouse space for work in progress
  • They wanted to get an immediate return
  • They wanted advice on best practices for recycling any redundant stock that came about in the future
  • To ensure that the waste was disposed of confidentially to ensure that sensitive company information did not escape

Our Solution

Our solution was simple:

  • To give the client details on the best application for their redundant film and a competitive rebate rate
  • To arrange to see the client to advise on other redundant stock and perform a waste assessment
  • To provide advice on the relative value of redundant plastic as well as how it should be kept in order to maximise rebates in the future
  • To arrange to collect the film within 48 hours and to make an immediate payment to the client

Their Measures for Success

The company had a number of measures to determine how successful this project was and to determine whether future relationships could be built. Their measures were:

  • The difference in rebate value between what Entire Recycling were offering and what their incumbent waste management company were offering
  • Whether Entire Recycling met the 48-hour turnaround that was expected
  • Confidentiality – the company wanted a guarantee that the waste would be disposed of in a confidential manner

Our Work & The Timing

Entire Recycling offered a rebate that was far more competitive than the incumbent supplier.

We were able to arrange to see the client on the following day and arrange a delivery within 48 hours of approval.

We provided the client with a certificate of destruction to ensure that the waste had been disposed of in a safe manner.

In order to build a relationship, Entire Recycling were able to pay the customer once weights had been confirmed on the weighbridge, dramatically improving their cashflow.

The Value to the Customer

The value to the customer of Entire’s service went far beyond the bottom line, although this was an extremely important. Different aspects of the value of this service are listed below:

  • £6,200 in rebates generated for the customer
  • £56,000 in rebates in the 6 months after this trial project began
  • Improved cashflow. Entire Recycling were able to offer immediate payment for the initial job and to arrange terms for future payment that dramatically improved the offer over their incumbent
  • A reliable, flexible service – the client was able to get what they wanted, when they wanted and to get a quick turnaround on this occasion as well as to be able to get future misprinted or surplus stock recycled on a timescale that suited them
  • Peace of mind – Entire Recycling were able to offer certificates of destruction & the company was offered to oversee the destruction of waste
  • The company gained better links into the market for recycling of plastic materials, ensuring better returns for their plastic waste across the board
  • The company gained advice as to the best way to store & present all kinds of plastic waste in order to get the best return

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