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Secure Destruction of Branded Goods

The Situation

One of Britain’s largest high street retailers approached Entire Recycling with a problem: they had no easy way of disposing of branded goods.

The company had attempted to dispose of their goods before and had found out that a number of market traders had managed to get their hands on the goods & sell them at a discounted rate.

The company had several tonnes of surplus shoes that they wanted to dispose of.

The Client's Objectives

The client’s objectives were:

  • They wanted to protect their brand
  • They wanted to build a trusting relationship with a supplier in order to ensure a secure route for the destruction of materials
  • They wanted to maximise the proportion of the material that was recycled & minimise landfilling thus saving the environment & costs
  • To ensure that the waste was disposed securely to ensure that products did not appear on the market or the black market & cheapen the company’s brand or image

Our Solution

Our solution was:

  • To offer the client an audit trail for their materials
  • To provide the client with collection details & a certificate of destruction to confirm that the materials had been securely destroyed or made unsaleable so that their only use was in a recycling process
  • To provide the client with photographic evidence of the destruction of their material
  • To give the client a single point of contact who would be accountable for the process & who would take responsibility for & ensure against theft

Their Measures for Success

The client’s measures for success were:

  • Instances of redundant stocks appearing for sale (this process would ensure that these issues dropped to zero)
  • A certificate of destruction & the associated photographic & videographic evidence
  • Costs per tonne v cost of landfill

Our Work & The Timing

Entire Recycling arranged for secure transportation of the goods.

Secure transportation was arranged on this occasion within 2 working days.

We supplied the retailer with a named driver & the option of tracking the vehicle.

We delivered the material into our secure facility for destruction. Material was destroyed on the same day.

A certificate of destruction was issued & presented to the client within 48 hours of destruction.

The Value to the Customer

The value to the customer of this service was huge:

  • It prevented the erosion of the brand – this retailer spends tens of millions of pounds per annum on product development, marketing & brand building
  • It provided the retailer with a secure route of destruction going forwards which saved time
  • It enabled materials to be recycled where possible, helping towards the retailer’s green credentials
  • It gave the retailer accountability. This issue was one that the CEO had taken a personal interest in & it was resolved to her satisfaction
  • It gave the retailer a flexible, time-sensitive route of secure destruction going forwards

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