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Static Roll Packer Case Study

The Situation

Since the commissioning a new distribution centre, one fo the UKs leading online retailers was producing significant amounts of waste without a recycling plan. This has meant that significant amounts of recyclable material weremixed in with general waste, leading the company to incur costs rather than receive rebates. In addition, the company’s waste was not presented in the most effective way, an example of this being that skips of wood & waste were uncompacted and so the company was paying for the transportation of fresh air rather than waste & thus incurring significant & unnecessary costs.

The company was charged £187 per ‘lift’ or collection of a skip. At its busiest, the distribution centre’s waste cost £14,000 per month to remove. In this situation, where costs are extremely high & rebates are non-existent, swift action becomes essential.

The Client's Objectives

The client’s objectives were as follows:

  • To minimise the costs associated with waste from the site
  • To install recycling machinery that minimises waste management costs & staff time
  • To maximise the value of valuable waste streams (such as cardboard & polythene)
  • To implement a simple & planned recycling process to enable the culture of the workers to change in order to get their buy in & to sort waste at source with no extra labour time required

Measures for Success

Here are the data points from which we helped prove the effectiveness of our implementation:

  • Entire Recycling’s monthly recycling rebate reports
  • The client’s time management analysis of the cleaning staff
  • The client’s monthly management figures & accounts
  • The client’s current & historic waste management reporting information

By using these, we were able to demonstrate savings to the client every step of the way.

Our Solution & Timings

Our solution was to develop a plan to help the client to see an immediate difference. We immediately implemented a number of no-cost & low-cost changes in order to help the client to improve their situation & to gain confidence & data that would support later investment of machinery.

Step 1 – Within 2 Weeks

  •  Installed 2 mill-size balers on a month’s free trial
  • Installed 21 coloured 1100 litre bins for the segregation of waste
  • Installed an open-top skip for mixed metals
  • Installed a 20-yard open-top skip for porcelain
  • Built a workable waste management solution for staff & suppliers to work within

This was the best first step because:

  • There were no machinery costs for first month to help the company build a relationship of trust with Entire Recycling
  • £4,301 per month savings (saving 23 collections)
  • £1,749 in rebateable material generated in the trial month
  • It immediately saved costs. These balers were installed within 2 weeks of the go-ahead &, in the meantime, waste was segregated & stored ready for baling & compaction meaning an immediate reduction in waste collection costs
  • An open-top skip for porcelain enabled it to be separated from general waste. Porcelain incurs a reduced landfill cost
  • An open-top skip for mixed metals enabled a rebate from metals that were segregated from general waste

Step 2 – 4 – 6 weeks

  • Installed a skip compactor with a bin lift
  • Installed a roll compactor for wood compaction

This lead to a £5,610 per month in savings from compaction through the use of the skip compactor for general waste & roll compactor for wood waste

Step 3 – Longer-term

Entire Recycling will continued to work with the client, helping the company to go from cost-reduction to rebate maximisation.

We have used the data to make the case for the company to install an automatic baler.

Value for the Client

Entire’s work & advice enabled the client to find value in a number of ways including:

  • £53,856 per annum in savings from a reduction in collection costs as a result of Entire Recycling collecting both cardboard & polythene waste (23 collections saved per month at £187 per collection)
  • £67,320 per annum from a reduction in collection costs as a  result of compacting both wood waste & general waste
  • £15,400 per annum in rebates from cardboard recycling
  • £11,136 per annum in rebates from polythene based upon current figures
  • Immediate savings made through the installation of 2 mill size balers formt he free trial & the removal of cardboard & polythene from waste collection costs & into rebates
  • The ability to build trust through Entire Recycling offering a free trial on the installation of two balers in order to demonstrate the value of the removal of cardboard & polythene from waste collection costs & into rebate
  • Cost savings through the installation of a skip for porcelain. In this regard, based upon a 10 tonne load of porcelain, the client would be paying £40 to get rid of the porcelain rather than £207
  • The expertise of the Entire Recycling team in providing industry knowledge in order to help the client minimise waste collection costs & maximise rebate values
  • Assisting in-house team with brokering different waste elements (ie wood, porcelain & general waste) to find the most cost-effective means of collecting waste

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