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The Dangers of Second-Hand Balers

Recycling balers are, for businesses dealing with volumes of materials like cardboard & polythene pallet wrap, an extremely useful way of turning materials from a waste stream with associated costs to a presentable, attractive commodity that is valued by recyclers and that can be easily transported.

One of the problems with balers, like with any machine purchase, is that there is often a capital outlay. The costs can be prohibitive for some companies which can turn to second-hand machinery out of necessity. To prevent this false economy, Entire Recycling have been pioneering the use of reconditioned balers which have been restored by the manufacturer & sold as new.

The Advantages of Recycling Balers

Many businesses realize the advantages of balers but, for businesses looking for help in this regard, we have written a number of articles including:

The Disadvantages of Second-Hand Balers

There are a number of problems with used or second-hand recycling balers including:

  • Buyer beware – buyer beware (or caveat emptor) means that, when you buy something second-hand, as you might though eBay or from a used car dealer, you should be very careful about what you’re buying &, if something goes wrong, you’re on your own
  • Running a first-class service on second-hand equipment – there’s a danger of running a business using second-hand equipment in that there are vulnerabilities if that machinery goes down. Businesses usually choose to invest in a baler if they have significant volumes to generate a rebate and they need the machines to be working to ensure that they get the throughput in order to get their return on investment. There is nothing worse than a baler going down, having recyclable material cluttering up the place or worse, going to landfill. It causes the company to lose money & not to get the return on investment for their machinery
  • No advice given – the advantage of a waste assessment is that businesses get the benefits of our opinions as to what might be the best machinery for the job. In many cases the machinery that a business is considering before calling us in is not optimal – sometimes volumes might be too low for the company to get a return or too high for a smaller piece of equipment to handle efficiently. Furthermore, on inspection, there may be waste streams that businesses are missing that might change the make-up of their waste management procedures. There’s nothing worse than buying a piece of equipment that stands idle because it is not fit for purpose
  • No help with commissioning & training – a second-hand baler is usually just a piece of machinery & it does not come with anyone to commission it or with any training in using the machinery as part of the cost. With new or reconditioned balers, this is an important part of the service and it can ensure that businesses are on the right side of health & safety legislation

The Advantages of a Reconditioned Baler

To remove the downsides mentioned above, Entire Recycling have pioneered the use of reconditioned balers. Reconditioned balers are balers that have been used but have then been bought back & rebuilt by the manufacturer. The advantages of a reconditioned baler are:

  • A saving of 30-40% over a new baler – because reconditioned balers are often brought back at the end of a rental agreement, they have already recouped their capital cost. Furthermore, because they are not brand new (although, when they have been refurbished, you might not be able to tell the difference) the cost is significantly lower than a new machine
  • A 6-month warranty to ensure that the baler works – one crucial advantage over used or second-hand balers is that we are prepared to stand behind our products. With a second-hand baler you will have little recourse if something goes wrong. With a reconditioned baler, you will have 6 months to ensure that the machine works perfectly & that you are not buying a lemon
  • The machines are relatively simple – baling machines are, at heart, relatively simple machines. This is why some people look to getting second-hand balers (because there’s not a huge amount to go wrong) but we find it works to our advantage as people would rather get a reconditioned baler at a similar price to a used baler & know that it is guaranteed & that, if serviced, it should continue indefinitely
  • Servicing & support from authorized suppliers – when you buy a reconditioned baler, you have a point of contact for the servicing & support for that baler & confidence that, if anything does go wrong, it can be rectified as quickly as possible
  • A month’s free trial – another crucial advantage over second-hand balers is that, when offering reconditioned balers,we allow our customers to try before they buy. We are happy to offer a month’s trial on a reconditioned baler & to extend warranty support for six months after that trial. This means that businesses can be confident that the baler will work when they get it off the transport, something that can’t always be said of a used baler

It is a judgement that businesses can make for themselves whether a reconditioned baler can work for them but, for most common baler sizes, reconditioned balers to become available. If you’d like more help, please contact us or give us a call.

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