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About Entire Recycling

Entire Recycling was founded in 2011. The company was built to deliver profitable, long-term relationships between itself and customers. After a 12-month audit of the industry and common practices, the Entire Recycling developed the following guiding principles:

  • Where we can help our customers to make & save more money, we can create longer, better, more profitable records for everyone
  • It is better to keep a customer than to find a new one. We work hard with our existing customers because they don’t incur sales & marketing costs. The more we can do to develop long-term relationships, the better rebate we can offer to our customers
  • A well-established network of companies who process recycled materials is essential. By maintaining & developing a network of businesses who have a need for our clients’ materials, we can offer better rates and rebates than all of our competitors
  • Trust and transparency are essential in the recycling industry. Customers know that their waste is valuable & they want to have a trusted relationship with a recycling company
  • Most of the problems that potential customers have already have solutions. In the vast majority of cases, recycling problems aren’t problems at all, it’s just that the incumbent recycling company isn’t interested in solving the problem, they’re probably more interested in taking the profit from one kind of work. By problem-solving, we can build trust and help clients turn problems into profits

The company has a strong base of international clients and a well-established supply network to ensure efficient recycling of materials both in the UK and abroad.

The company is fully registered with the Environment Agency and issues each customer with a duty of care & waste transfer note.

Since its inception, Entire Recycling has grown quickly. In 2013 turnover increased by 50% and in 2014 the company is currently exceeding its target for 75% growth.

In 2014, Entire Recycling has grown its corporate structure, its waste assessment and collection network and invested in additional premises. It is a dynamic, exciting organisation.

“More than anything, we valued a pro-active company that wanted to work with us. We feel that, with Entire, we’re working with a company we trust and that will make the effort to come and see us and understand how we can make & save money from our situation.”